What if you were told that you only had 1 year to live?

How would that change the way you go through each day?  What relationships would you mend?  What things would you do?  How would you want everyone you meet to remember you?  What would you strive to accomplish, casting aside fear and doubt?

We all know we’re going to die someday, but often live as if we weren’t.  What’s the difference? Where’s the line?  We all have a specific number of days left, a set amount of time.  1 year, 5 years, 20, 50; sooner or later the time will come when our heart makes its last heroic throb and the miracle of life will withdraw from our bodies.

Don’t wait until you know you’re going to die, to decide to live.

Decide to live, knowing that you’re going to die.  Live your dreams.  Love fearlessly.  Give selflessly.  Work tirelessly to be that person who people will remember warmly, and not forget.

That’s what I want to do.  And I invite you to do the same.

The clock is ticking.  What are you waiting for?

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