About Nik

I’m a Catholic husband and father of two, a writer and digital marketing entrepreneur. I’m trying to become the best person I can be, and this blog is where I want to record some of my thoughts along that journey.

My Story

I was raised on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, where I developed a love for nature and the outdoors as well as for my faith.  I spent seven years of my life as a seminarian, and had the opportunity to travel pretty extensively and meet a lot of people from a lot of different walks of life.  This experience and the formation I received have given me what I feel is a unique perspective on life and the world around me.

After leaving the seminary I met and married the woman of my dreams, and together we are now raising two beautiful children, a boy and a girl.  Fatherhood has rocked my world and left me with the deep realization of my own weakness, and the need for daily improvement and growth, trying to be an example to these amazing little lives that look up to me for everything.  So I decided to create a blog, and write about that experience.  If any of my thoughts or musings are helpful, I’m so glad.

My Values & Beliefs

1. God is Love, and He comes first.

Love has a name, and came to earth to show us how to Love one another.  If we put God first in our lives, not only will that make us the best people we can be, but it will ultimately make us truly happy.

2. I am called to be the best husband and Father I can be.

True manliness is under attack in our world.  But many of the problems of our world can only be remedied if men step up and become strong, loving, husbands and fathers.  That’s the goal. 

3. For everything else, refer to number 1.

Just start with that.  Really, that’s where it all begins.  No really, read it again.  If we can do THAT, everything else will follow.

My Approach

“First the man, then the Saint” is an age-old saying that refers to the vital importance of forming ourselves as people, as a basis upon which everything else sits.   So I’m trying to do that, sharing my journey of personal growth and self-mastery here in short daily reflections.

While a lot of what I write is coming from a deeply Catholic perspective, I am doing my best to write it in a way that anyone can read, understand, and apply to their own lives.  This may not always be the case, but that’s the goal.

Please comment, interact, discuss, make suggestions, as you see fit. Let’s keep it civil and unitive, not divisive. There are plenty of forums about attacking; this one is about building.