“Be still, and know that I am God.”  – Psalm 46:10

We’re surrounded by noise; every opportunity for silence, we cram in our earbuds and flit nervously through our feeds, desperately trying to fill the void.

“In the secret of my heart, teach me wisdom.” – Psalm 51:6

No wonder we’re so dumb, most of the time.  We’re not learning wisdom from the Font of Wisdom, because He speaks in the silence of our hearts, and there is no longer room for silence in our lives.

So listen.  Listen.   Listen to the voice of God speaking in your heart.  Listen to what others are saying to you, not to respond, but to understand.  Listen to their hearts, their struggles, their pain; only a fraction of that comes out in their words.

Listen.  God has so much to tell you, so much wisdom to impart, so much hope and light and grace to flood your soul with.  Give him time, and listen.  Listen.  The people around you have so much wisdom to share, if you listen.  Open your ears, and you may find that in doing so, you will also open your mind and your heart.

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