So much has to do with attitude.  If you set out with the mentality of a hero striving against all odds to accomplish his goals and protect his loved ones, your chances of success are far higher.

If on the contrary you espouse the victim mentality of enumerating all the reasons why the deck is stacked against you, and all the factors that make your success impossible, your chances of success are far lower, if non-existent.

“He who says he can, and he who says he can’t, are both often right.” – Confucius

But what does that mean, in ordinary life.  I’d say the victim mentality manifests itself primarily the habit of complaining.  We complain about the weather, traffic, work, politics, religious leaders, anyone and anything we can think of, desperately scrambling for reasons to excuse our own mediocrity.

Stop complaining.  Seriously.  It does nothing but pollute your mind, and that of those around you, with negative thoughts, which become negative habits, which become a negative life.  The dark side are they. 

When something is wrong, fix it.  If you can’t fix it, go to someone who can.  If they can’t, pray for patience and resolution.  Come up with solutions to your own problems.  Or find new ways of addressing them.  

Be the hero of your own life.  Take the responsibility that you have indeed been given, as a Child of God, to achieve greater holiness, greater virtue, greater self-giving.  Do it.  Don’t tell me why you can’t.  Show me that you can.

And start today.

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