A few days ago I posted a list of 10 rules for life.  Many of them merit a whole article for thought, bu this one stood out to me in a particular way.  “Never enter a pool by the stairs.”  It caught my attention not only for its literal meaning, but also for its figurative one.

We’ve all done it, especially when the pool is freezing cold.  Inched in, step by step, trying to adjust to it, heedless of the assurances of those already swimming that “the water’s warm.”  I would hope we’ve all had the experience of jumping in, all at once, throwing care to the wind.  What a different experience that is!  Of course the water’s still cold, but taken all at once, it washes over us like a rush of excitement, awakening our minds and sharpening our senses.  That’s why cold showers are healthy, or so I’ve been told.  I’m not exactly a big fan of cold showers, but that may soon change.    #exodus90  

The figurative implications of this rule of life are in my mind just as interesting.  It boils down to this: if you’re going to do something, do it. 

Don’t dink around, taking on your dreams and goals and vision with fearful caution, step by step, waiting to see how cold it is or how wet it feels.  Of course it’s cold, and of course it’s wet.  Dare to risk it all and take the plunge.

The rush that follows is nothing less than the feeling of being fully alive.


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