There are days when motivation is high, and things seem easy. I feel ready to take on the world. Then there are days, like today, when it all seemed dry, empty, pointless, and futile. Well “buckle up, buttercup;” THESE are the GLORY days!

These are the days, when it’s all harder, that it’s so much more worthwhile! When it’s hard, when it hurts, when I have to push through pain and a lack of any kind of drive, that the fight is that much more important. It’s fighting the small battles, on the dark days, that ensure the biggest and brightest victories.

So I refuse to give up. I still got up on time, I still made it to the gym, I still took care of my family, still laughed and smiled for my toddler, and still got my work done. I pledge to keep moving forward. I trust that it will get easier, and when it does, I might just find find I come out of it stronger than I may have thought possible.

And that’s just me, so imagine what YOU’RE capable of?? That’s what I’m talking about! Now get out there and grind! You got this!

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