There are three parts to personal growth. Body, mind, and soul. In order to accomplish anything in any of these areas, it will take a specific plan.

So for each one, I’m going to need to set a goal, and a first step to move in that direction, and then do them.

1. Body

  • Goal: Attain perfect physical fitness and health.
  • Starting Task: Daily 30 min workout

2. Mind

  • Goal: Choose new areas of interest and learn them.
  • Starting Task: Daily 30 min of reading or musical instrument practice.

3. Soul

  • Goal: To become a man of God for others.
  • Starting Task: At least 30 min of prayer per day.

There is a lot more to tackle, but I want to start here. The shorter and simpler, the better.
All of these will be helped by a program I’m starting on the 21st, called Exodus90. I recommend it highly, though it’s very tough.

I want to continue growing, and learning, and praying every day, and if any of this process helps you become a better version of yourself, it’s all I can ask for.

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